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Life through war

And which judges the good from the evil.

Gone with the wind. To be an amazing person, a man should be not only outstanding, but rich in emotion. What the most important thing we should do is that we can find our dream and what we love timely. In the long histroy, great man always came from terrible wars and what they all had is the reason to live and te be strong. As Scarlett said, "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again." How bare she is! No matter what she faced, there always were hopes to go over it. Just as the hope to stay with Ashley, although she couldn't really understand he and finally got the point that the man was not her love.
    I'm very proud of those who have ever fought for their lives and the whole people's dream at the same time. They are truly man of valor and should be honored by us. Rhett Bulter, a speculator but brave, is deeply impressed in my mind. He is a fine man to his wife. No matter how long he would wait, he never lost his sincere affection and hope to Scarlett. And he came to find her continually in spite that she got married time after time. So he got his value love in the end. Besides, the mind of a great father also changed his life. Bonnie, a luckly girl with a responsible father loving her very much, had a happy life in her childhood. I'm very sorry for her accidental death. If she could live longer, she would grow up to be a beautiful, kind, and lovely girl. What a pity... How he could say the word to his wife, “Frankly, my dear, I don,t give a damn!" I would never say that to who I sciencely love. You indeed know, Q!
    Melanie was a kind women that most of man wanted to marry and her kindness also give most people the strong hope to go through war. From the movie I begin to learn some knowledge about American Civil War, or War between the states. It's my first time that I eager to know something about those days. Before this, I just know that the North was represent for justice. Now I know the South also had its civilization and value culture, yet they were out of age still. Her husband, Ashley, a man who scared to change his life, was doomed to failure for his life. The world has never stop changing! To learn new knowledge is still a great task in our life. Do not stop fighting.
    Back to Scarlett, A lovely girl had turned to a truly woman holding her own life. She had never feared to fight for life. To be honestly, I can feel that feeling in poor time with love, the only thing we can do is fighting. As she finally said, " Tara! Home. I'll go home, and I'll think of some way to get him back! After all, tomorrow is another day." Yes, Tomorrow is another day, certainly. How I wish that I would have a chance to leave GD to BJ in the following two years. Even Just a chance to see you, my heart will go with the wind!

And Autumn and Winter:

He'd learn the Four Books next.

These are called the Ten Doctrines

Are called the Six Confucian Scriptures,

They are five elementals,


To enlighten the school children,

They are the four seasons,

From the individual life to the social affairs.

They are the five human norms,

He could warm the mat for his father.

There was Lianshan in the Xia Dynasty,


To the Book of History ever written:

In which is highlighted moralities,

When one is young,


Including counting and computing,

Which was called Guizang in the Shang,

Whoever has love for their parents

Who drafted the rituals for the country.

And put together as living doctrines.



He could offer his brothers the bigger pears.

Not only drawing up the essentials,

There should be affection between father and son,

But also learning by heart the details.

Written by Zi Si, Confucius' grandson,

After he has learned the basics,


The first book is Confucius' Analects,

Who annotated the Book of Rituals.


Composed of twenty chapters,


For one to serve as food.

There are three kinds of light;

There are north and south,

To whom the subjects can be loyal.

Five figures should be mentioned

Raised in herds by the farmers.

Three commentaries have been given

They are heaven, earth and man.


A pupil must start his learning

With the records of the early sages' deeds,


A harmony should be maintained

As well as benevolence and righteousness.

They're from the sun, the moon, and the stars.


And a thousand times ten is ten thousand.

And each should be chanted and recited.

Alternating all the year round.

And Zhouyi in the Zhou,


Should be as kind as such.

Even if one is quite young,

Which sets the moral code for state officials,

There are three ethnical disciplines :

When Kong Rong was four years old,

By digging from the sage's words,

They're six kinds of livestock,

The third book is the Doctrine of the Mean,


From his great-great-grandfather,

After having grasped the classics,


Brothers should be kind to each other:

By whom the nation was governed.

As well as love between husband and wife.


Laid out by central position.

From the very beginning.

of love between father and son,

From which one can achieve a great deal.

A hundred times a hundred is a thousand,

Which are regulated in certain terms.

The Songs, the History, and the Changes,

Before he starts to learn,

Ten times ten is a hundred,

And the Grace and the Paeans,

Once can read the works of other schools,

To his grandfather and father,

And east and west: